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5 Reasons To Integrate Influencer Marketing In SMO Strategy
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5 Reasons To Integrate Influencer Marketing In SMO Strategy

Wondering if it’s worth spending your marketing budget and time on social media advertising services? Well then, you must know over 4 billion people use social media, and many businesses rely on it as their primary channel for advertising services provided by  social media marketing companies. 

Any social media marketing platform is the most effective way to spread the news about your brand. With the rise of new competitors and the constant adjustments to social media algorithms, promoting your brand on social media is becoming increasingly challenging. In the current environment, relevant content and an effective social media optimization strategy are essential.

Nevertheless, boosting your marketing efforts and pushing your promotions to the next level by mixing old and new media platforms can be highly advantageous. 

Integrating influencers into your social media optimization strategy may be challenging if you are unfamiliar with influencer marketing.

What do you mean by Social Media Optimization Strategy? 

Terrified of the word “optimization”? Do you also tend to skip this topic while making digital marketing strategies? 

Each of us has been there, done that!

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Let’s get into the basics so that next time you know exactly what your digital marketer team member is talking about! 

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a technique or activity that increases website traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. 

A social media website is a digital hub for worldwide communication and relationship building. You can engage in a variety of activities via social media, including but not limited to: engaging in conversations, expressing your thoughts, marketing your business, etc.

With a well-planned social media optimization strategy, it is possible to build a better brand, obtain more leads, develop your online presence, and interact with your audience/community. 

Why Use Influencer Marketing with Social Media Optimization Strategy?

Research indicates that fifty percent of businesses with SEO concerns do not employ social media marketing strategies such as Influencer Marketing.

Combining search engine optimization and social networking is difficult. Due to the entangled nature of the linkages between search engine optimization and social media optimization methods, teams must work collaboratively with this in mind.

It’s easy to imagine that a speedy site with relevant meta tags and loads of content is enough to rank well in search engines. Google’s algorithms consider many factors, including social media performance

Google benefits from social media activity such as Influencer marketing and a large following. Social media marketing platforms boost search engine ranks.

5 Reasons To Integrate Influencer Marketing In SMO Strategy

One of the most effective strategies to rapidly expand your online presence and grab your target audience’s attention is integrating influencer marketing into your social media optimization strategy.

Forbes reports that influencer marketing is expanding at twice the rate of digital advertising as companies realize the potential of tapping into a popular figure’s fan base to boost their own brand’s visibility and sales.

The following are five major benefits of incorporating influencer marketing into your social media optimization strategy.

  • Strategic Content Development

It is challenging to maintain a constant flow of fresh and intriguing content. Influencer marketing can help fill in the holes on your content calendar when you’re at a loss for what to write about or simply stuck. 

The strategy will be highly beneficial if you can negotiate a content co-creation agreement with influencers that routinely provide engaging, high-quality content for daily interaction with their audience.

Before collaborating with influencers, it is essential to have a clear knowledge of content distribution, as it is a fundamental aspect of content marketing. Even if you haven’t developed any new ideas, you should have a well-thought-out content distribution strategy that communicates your brand’s objectives to your business and its influencers.

  • To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

75% of marketers used influencers, and 43% planned to raise spending on it over the next 12 months, per a survey by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). 

Maintaining a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market is essential to the success of your business. Your competitors’ advertising plans likely already incorporate influencers. 

In recent years, influencer marketing has gained popularity among marketers due to the advent and development of social media.

  • Influencers enhance brand recognition

Influencer marketing allows you to boost both brand recognition and market status. If you have a social media presence, you should use it to inform people about your business, its history, and the products it offers. 

Influencers’ role in increasing brand awareness is one of the most obvious benefits of social media advertising. When you partner with a prominent influencer, you signal to consumers that your business is an industry leader.

  • Helps you build trust and gain credibility 

The basic principle of influencer endorsements is relatively simple. When a well-known individual, internet celebrity, or industry expert posts information about a brand on social media, the brand gains instant credibility. 

When Kendall Kremer, a social media influencer, promoted Häagen-Dazs’ buy one get one free deal with a rooftop ice cream sundae party this summer.

With their “Haagen-Dazs Open Container” campaign, the ice cream company received 14.3 million impressions and 27,400 social engagements. Share of voice for Walgreens and Häagen-Dazs increased by 148% as a direct result of the campaign.

Simply put, when a firm attracts the attention of a recognized individual in its industry, that person’s personal reviews and support of the brand will likely have a ripple effect on the minds of consumers, causing them to regard the company as a reliable and inventive leader in their industry. In today’s business environment, establishing credibility is vital, and credibility is built on trust.

  • Helps you reach your target audience easily 

Understanding the target audience is essential for any advertising campaign. Before commencing an influencer marketing strategy, it is essential to do your research. Verify if their beliefs align with those of your business and that they have a substantial number of “real” followers among your target audience. 

Obviously, your influencer marketing aims to get your campaign, message, or product in front of people who are interested in what you offer and engage with you. You can increase the chances of this happening by selecting an influencer whose followers are members of your target audience.

The PixlPlayer Magic!

24 Carats Spices, a leading manufacturer of Indian spices and condiments, is a great example of how we build a dedicated community of spice lovers by continuously updating social media platforms with engaging content. 

24 Carats’ Facebook campaigns and the creative one-liner posts are just two examples of how we consistently created viral content across the target audience.

Currently, the company enjoys a massive online following, with over 10k likes across all social media platforms and 7k Facebook followers.

PixlPlayer’s Secret’s Out!

Yes, we, at PixlPlayer, believe in sharing, so here is what we did, and you should try too. 

  • Using Hashtags

Hashtags are great for social traction, but you’ll need to find the best combination of brand, industry, and audience-relevant hashtags to use for your social media campaigns like we did. 

  • Social Bookmarking

Having high-quality backlinks will greatly assist in a site’s Google page rank. This is why social bookmarking needs to be a component of your SMO approach.

Sites we use for 24 Carats Spices, like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Bizsugar, and Scoopt.it. 

  • Serving Quality Content To Our TGs

Ranking higher in search results requires consistently creating and distributing high-quality content. 

And the same holds true for social media. If you want people to follow you on social media, you need to put out information that is worth their time.

We made sure to use engagement posts and polls. Use only facts that provide value and information to our audience; this helped us build 24 Carats Spices, a household name.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to incorporate influencer marketing into the many pillars of an effective marketing plan. You must speak their language to engage in genuine conversations with clients on social media, websites, and advertisements. 

Introduce the business to new consumers with lesser words using captivating and creative content. With the backing of significant people’s opinions, marketers can strengthen their overall marketing approach by hiring social media marketing companies.

Do you need help using influencer marketing with social media optimization strategy to boost your website’s search engine rankings? 

Contact us at PiXLPlayer immediately for top-notch social media advertising services and an SEO and SMO audit of your website. We’ll suggest proven strategies to help you become an unchallenged leader in your industry.

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