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Affiliated and Influencer Marketing Services for Brands & Agencies
Best agency for Affiliated and Influencer Marketing services to grow your brand. To know more contact us.
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Affiliate and Influencer Marketing


Use our fully white-labelled solution to tailor your affiliate marketing programme to fit your brand and aesthetic. Provide affiliates with access to a personal portal that provides performance statistics broken down by ad, offer, product, mobile device, affiliate, and media channel. Additionally, it offers direct access to the analytics, creative, and ad content that advanced marketers need. PixlPlayer is an easy-to-use platform that can be customised for any sophisticated affiliate marketing scheme.


Setup, administration, upkeep, and optimization of a customised affiliate programme.


Attribution modelling depends on the particular objectives, purposes, and requirements of your brand.


Establishing and running an influencer programme. We will guide your brand in the proper direction and work with a range of channels.


We can help you with coaching, consultancy, strategic planning, or whatever you require.

What to expect with PixlPlayer services

Our Ethos


We have a long history in the affiliate industry. Our expertise is unmatched in the business and has given us access to all the top networks and technology.


One of our favourite things to do is to become industry experts in new fields, so we don’t simply work with you; we immerse ourselves in your brand and market.


At the core of all we do is upholding best practices and the highest standards while representing the companies we deal with.


Do you need a unique solution for your brand? Together, we’ll design a special programme that serves your needs and accomplishes your objectives.

PixlPlayer; Top leading Influencer Agency

We function as an influencer agency in addition to providing digital marketing services. Influencer marketing persuades customers to try a product or service after seeing it recommended by an influencer they follow and trust. This is an alternative to traditional advertising. As an influencer agency, we offer campaign benchmarks for your brands, pinpoint the key opinion leaders and content producers in your sector, suggest tactics to increase audience size and engagement, execute advertising campaigns and present key performance indicators, and then collaborate with the influencers to approve campaign publications posts. It has been demonstrated that influencer marketing can be just as effective as traditional marketing, and in some cases even more so.


We take delight in guiding you through every stage of the influencer marketing process. We will develop a tailored social media plan that closely links your business and the influencer to effectively communicate with your target audience. You will witness an enlarged consumer base, an increase in sales, well-organized monthly reporting, and regular scheduling if you choose us (the leading digital marketing firm in the sector) as your influencer agency.


To arrange a free consultation about the advantages of hiring an influencer organisation for your brand, contact us right away!

  1. Close the Attribution Gap by Trusting Your Own Analytics.
  2. Make Certain That Your Brand Has a Safe Play Area
  3. Pay Only For Reliable Traffic; Nothing Else
  4. Discover publishing opportunities before your rivals do
  5. Track Competitors To Understand Your Position

Affiliate marketing agecny

What Can You Achieve with the Help of Our Influencer Marketing Agency? 

PixlPlayer provides exceptional influencer marketing services that can be customised to match your company’s objectives and financial constraints. Let us assist you in utilising powerful influencer campaigns to bring your brand’s narrative to life.


Everything you need to create profitable campaigns is available from our social influencer agency.

Sources of Influencers

We’ll locate the ideal influencers for your niche who complement the general tone and spending plan of your content.


  1. Locate and evaluate influencer profiles
  2. Focus on outreach to influencers.
  3. Manage conversations with influencers
  4. Create a final influences list.


Based on your demands, we’ll bargain with influencers to develop contracts that benefit both parties.


  1. Investigate influencer rates
  2. Finalise the campaign’s overall budget
  3. Converse with influential people
  4. Set the terms of the influencer contract.

Creating Content

We’ll work with you to develop captivating influencer content that will awe your target audience.


  1. provide services for photography
  2. Create excellent videos.
  3. Offer specialised editing services
  4. Encourage postproduction

Analytics and Reporting

Campaign effectiveness will be monitored, and the worth of each influencer partnership will be evaluated.


  1. Monitor engagement and click-throughs.
  2. Metric conversion rate
  3. Make thorough performance reports.
  4. Identify areas for improvement.

Campaign Execution and Strategy

To increase your internet presence, we’ll develop a unique influencer marketing plan and implement campaigns.


  1. Perform market research
  2. Recognize the tastes of the target market
  3. Complete social media platforms
  4. Complete campaign procedures and details.

Management of Influencer Campaigns

We’ll make sure your influencer marketing efforts are successful and trouble-free.



  1. Establish precise rules and expectations.
  2. Verify the partnership disclosure
  3. Set deadlines for the production of content
  4. Observe the process of creation and publication.

The PixlPlayer Advantage

For campaigns to be successful, our influencer marketing agency thinks that true connections between businesses and content producers are essential.

We go beyond statistics.

Customized Strategies

Customized Strategies

Our influencer marketing agency will painstakingly design a successful approach that satisfies your particular business needs and objectives.


High-Grade Work

High-Grade Work

In the past, we have had a proven track record of producing excellent celebrity ads. Our creative campaigns will be noticed among the competition.

Regular Adaptation

Regular Adaptation

Multiple list revisions from our digital agency will be provided till you are happy and want to work with the chosen influencer profiles.

Sharp Attention to Ethics

Sharp Attention to Ethics

Our international influencer agency places a high value on ethics and authenticity. False bot involvement and incomplete disclosures are not acceptable to us.

Affiliate Management


Affiliate Promotion

Utilize our tried-and-true performance-based marketing strategy to generate more money. Allow us to assist you with launching a new programme or relaunching an existing one on ShareASale, AWIN, PepperJam, Impact, Partnerize, Commission Junction, Rakuten, and many other platforms. We are confident that we are your company’s best affiliate marketing partner.

Creator Development

By utilizing collaborations within the performance marketing ecosystem, you can generate more income. We can support the development of fantastic collaborations with businesses whether you are an influencer or a content site.

Marketing Advisor

Allow us to serve as an extension of your marketing team by offering an integrated marketing strategy to make the most of all available channels while preserving a high return on investment. To assess the success of your campaigns and the potential for developing new tactics, let us analyse the online presence of your brand. We assist you in acquiring new clients and making the most of your existing ones.

Monetization of Content

By monetizing it through our partner network, PixlPlayer can assist you in getting the most out of the material you develop. We can find top sponsors for your content, whether it’s product evaluations, best-of lists, SEO-focused articles, or newsletters.

Our Process of Work 

Pixl Player influencer marketing agency

Here is what to anticipate when you employ PixlPlayer influencer marketing agency for your advertising campaigns:


  1. Setting Objectives & KPIs
  2. Approval of a Customized Editorial Plan
  3. Timelines for Content Calendar Creation
  4. Shortlisting and Influencer Vetting
  5. Clear Content Guidelines Definition
  6. Authorization & Creation of Sponsored Content
  7. Influencer Campaign for Content Publishing & Distribution Analysis of performance and reporting

We’ll put in a lot of effort to assist you to increase your engagement and revenue as one of the best influencer marketing organizations out there. You’re all set to begin. Let’s start.

Affiliate Programs that Attract Customers to Your Website

A strong affiliate marketing strategy can attract qualified customers and boost your company’s long-term sales by building a compelling path for traffic.

The award-winning affiliate programmes from PixlPlayer are the benchmark for affiliate marketing globally. With unmatched accuracy, clarity, and experience, we cover every facet of your affiliate marketing operations.

We are now the biggest agency in the industry because of our success. Our size has benefits no other agency can match, and we continue to provide nimble, customized client care for clients of all sizes.


When you’re ready, we’ll build an affiliate strategy for you that far exceeds your expectations and launches a new phase of expansion for your company.


Are you prepared to increase the ROI of your upcoming influencer marketing campaign? Partner with us!

Check out our Instagram profile and follow us for bursts of inspiration.
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