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Grow Your Revenue With a Top PPC Agency
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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Results-Oriented Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services

PixlPlayer’s PPC specialists have training and experience in all types of PPC campaigns, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and programmatic displays. Our carefully honed strategy makes use of campaigns with narrowly focused themes, landing sites that are optimised for conversions, and clever data that makes it simple to identify the advertisements with the best return on investment.

  • Conversion rate optimization
  •  Identify keywords & negative keywords
  • Smart A/B testing
  • Reporting that reveals the best campaigns

Utilize PixlPlayer’s PPC Services to Boost Your ROI

Retargeting, E-commerce, and geotargeting

Retargeting, where we target visitors who have already visited your website, E-commerce advertisements that concentrate on specific products, and Geo Targeted ads that concentrate more locally are some of the Google ad options that can produce better ROI. In all of the aforementioned, PixlPlayer is highly skilled.

Competitive Keyword Analysis

For a better understanding of where you need to be, we will research what your rivals are bidding on. We’ll identify the most effective negative keywords to stop you from appearing in the searches you don’t want to appear in, as well as the best long-tail keywords to ensure that your advertisements appear for those incredibly particular searches you want to appear in.

Optimizing Landing Page Conversion

You can increase the quantity and quality of your leads with the help of our pay-per-click marketing agency. We create intriguing content, employ powerful keywords, create engaging headlines, and add calls-to-action (CTAs) that are crystal apparent on your landing pages. Our PPC business blends SEO with PPC best practises to persuade website visitors to take the required action.

Optimization of Conversion Rate (CRO)

By engaging your target customers at the right time and on the right platform, you can move them to the bottom of the sales funnel. Our PPC firm develops persuasive PPC advertising, evaluates your landing page designs, and develops user-friendly lead generation forms in order to increase your Quality Score and conversion rate. Give us a call immediately, and we’ll show you how to increase your revenue without increasing your advertising spending.

Nextdoor Marketing

Your brand will be promoted to nearby customers with Nextdoor advertising from our pay-per-click management company, which will also increase the conversion rate of your sales funnel. We create and manage your Nextdoor business profile, create professional, targeted advertisements, and create a landing page tailored to attract Nextdoor users. Our pay-per-click specialists also have an analytics and measurement system in place to track your KPIs and enhance the efficiency of your campaigns.

Responsive Ad Copy

To significantly raise your ad’s quality score and increase the frequency with which it is displayed, we will assess the copy of your ad. To increase your conversion rate, we’ll also examine your click-through rate and optimise your ad wording by a/b testing various ads.

Relevant Ad Channels

We’ll examine your prospective clients to determine which platforms, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, and others, your ads would perform best on.

The benefits of pay-per-click advertising for businesses

Increase Brand Recognition and Scale Up Immediately with PixlPlayer!

Pay-per-click marketing is a very effective digital marketing tactic to boost conversions and maximise ROI. Utilizing our data-driven PPC management services will help you connect your business with customers and boost sales.

The following are the main advantages of using PPC advertising services:

Enhanced brand awareness agency
Enhanced brand awareness

Have a big activation coming up and need to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible? Nothing will slip through the cracks, and everything will meet or exceed your expectations big props to our staff of Account Managers and Content Creators.

Rapid Results
Rapid Results

One of the main benefits of pay-per-click advertising services is that you can start seeing results right away. You can see the results of your PPC campaign immediately after our pay-per-click advertising firm has set it up. However, keep in mind that the first three months are frequently a trial period. This means that to achieve better outcomes, it is necessary to gather useful information and continuously enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.

One-time Campaign Promotions
One-time Campaign Promotions

Not having enough money to carry out continuing digital marketing initiatives? Pay-per-click service providers enable you to run rapid sales cycles and introduce one-time campaign promotions. PPC advertising is a cost-effective way to introduce your new products and services to the online market since it is prioritised and arranged by priority.

Broad Traction Channels
Broad Traction Channels

Several internet platforms employ the sponsored search advertising strategy to connect with a huge user base. Pay-per-click advertising services have made it possible for you to interact with a large internet audience and use a range of marketing channels to advertise your company.

Total Individualization

Being the greatest means sticking out from the crowd with tailored, integral and essential Google pay-per-click advertisements that appeal to your target market. To improve the efficacy of your advertising, PPC gives you access to a variety of marketing data. Select each component of your pay-per-click advertising campaign, including the keywords, audience targeting, placements, and even the particular zip codes where you want your ads to appear.

Different Types of PPC Advertisements We offer;

After knowing what sponsored search is, the next step is to comprehend the various PPC marketing campaigns that may assist you in creating your online presence and promoting your goods to the right target market. Our pay-per-click advertising company works together with your team to establish the best PPC ads that you can use to finish your sales funnel.


Depending on your objectives, we offer different PPC ads


Social ads

Social media paid advertising is the pay-per-click advertising service segment with the quickest rate of growth. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter display social advertising. Their networks, interests, and hobbies are just a few of the ways they have been taught to interact with potential customers. Businesses with a sizable social media following and a specific target market should use social media advertising.

Search ads

Search advertising is by far the most common form of paid search marketing. Potential customers discover your search adverts when they are already looking for your industry or brand offers online. Short sales cycles or one-time campaign promotions are suitable uses for these pay-per-click adverts. Our pay-per-click advertising company advises businesses to employ search advertising if they are trying to obtain reliable, high-quality leads from potential clients.

Display ads

It is known that display advertising efficiently reaches over 90% of website visitors.Targeting users who visited websites with similar industries, display advertising is displayed on Google’s partner websites. To capture the attention of and compel action from internet users, display advertising makes the most of graphics and words. Our pay-per-click company advises companies with prolonged sales cycles and niche or affluent consumers to use display advertising.

Streaming ads

In-stream advertisements are another name for YouTube commercials. These are pay-per-click ads that can be viewed on YouTube videos, search results, and video partners on the Display Network. YouTube advertisements give your brand a unique and memorable appearance. Facebook recently introduced in-stream advertisements, which allow companies to place advertisements in the most favourable locations and naturally interrupt video content.

Local Service ads

A pay-per-lead business strategy is used in advertisements for local services. You are not responsible for paying for clicks that do not generate leads. Few businesses, such as HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths, can profit from local services advertising. Our PPC firm collaborates with regional service providers to improve their exposure among their target demographics.

PPC ads on Amazon

One of the PPC services in the online environment that is growing in popularity is Amazon advertising. Amazon PPC advertisements allow Amazon sellers to place sponsored ads on the platform’s strategic spots to increase brand recognition, sales, and shop visits. At PixlPlayer, we make use of the technical know-how and proficiency of our PPC specialists to plan your Amazon PPC campaigns and raise your profit margin.

We Work With You To Raise More Money Online While Increasing Your Quality Score

To improve website traffic and reduce PPC management expenses, PixlPlayer builds your pay-per-click campaign structure, selects your PPC campaign metrics, and determines your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) objectives.

Our pay-per-click advertising company’s seamless integration of PPC will substantially aid your SEO and internet marketing efforts. Work together with our pay-per-click management firm and benefit from our affordable PPC advertising options.


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