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Pixl Player helps to increase your website traffic & ranking higher in SERP. Our SEO strategies help your website to get more visitors.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A tech-savvy SEO company.


Let’s be honest. Despite being aware of what you need, you are unsure of how to get it. That is a common complaint among SEO clients who get in touch with Pixl Player.

You likely landed here for one or more of the reasons listed below:

  • Users on the Internet cannot find your website.
  • You’ve seen a recent drop in website traffic, but you’re unsure of the cause.
  • All of a sudden, you are receiving fewer leads and phone calls.
  • You need to quickly ramp up a new business because your new website is going live.


If any of these four problems seem familiar, you have come to the right SEO company. There is a reason why Pixl Player presently works with hundreds of SEO clients and offers optimization solutions in response to Google’s constantly evolving algorithm.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Pixl and SEO!

Pixl’s responsive SEO services

Benefits of Pixl’s SEO services.


Every business owner seeks to maximise their financial investment. Profit margins should be increased for everyone. SEO results in cost savings. SEO wouldn’t venture outside of the office if it were an employee. SEO doesn’t ever record absences because it’s continuously in use. SEO continues to work for you even when you’re asleep.

When done properly, SEO will increase website traffic and bring potential customers to your products, services, and brand.

Over the years, we’ve made improvements to our SEO strategy. Our work benefits not just our customers but also our website.

Our SEO Solutions


Ramp up Your Search Rankings to Become More Visible Online

Local SEO

According to statistics, 72% of consumers look for nearby businesses online. By optimising your Google Business Profile or Google My Business (GMB), you can boost your business’s local SEO rankings and attract clients who are highly likely to make a purchase. We manage your online reputation and improve your GMB profile to grow your local following.

Keyword Analysis and Strategy

Pixl Player is an SEO firm that can raise your rating for particular search terms and comprehends your niche. An SEO expert will evaluate the keywords your website already ranks for, examine your keyword wishlist, and conduct additional keyword research to generate a list that makes the most sense for your business and the competitive positioning.

On-page SEO

Boost your web presence to attract high-quality traffic. To increase the credibility of your website, Pixl makes sure that our SEO services are in line with search engines’ recommended practices. Our SEO experts produce unique valuable content, enhance your HTML tags and headlines, and use high-resolution images.

Franchise SEO

With Pixl’s SEO services for multi-location organisations, you may boost your franchise marketing initiatives. We release content that is localised, use Nextdoor advertising, and create unique web designs. Pixl Player is the SEO company that will improve your leads and sales while maximising the effect of your brand.

Content Creation

To make your website’s service and product pages more SEO-friendly, our team of writers may either develop blog posts that are worthwhile sharing or add extra content to the pages already in place. Search engines favour websites that update their content frequently. Choose our SEO company to help you with your content needs and improve your marketing.

SEO techniques

The back end of your website can be optimised to raise rankings, for example, by increasing page speed. Your website will be simpler for search engines to crawl if you fix these problems.

Off-page SEO

For increasing awareness online and establishing brand trust, off-page optimization is crucial. Join forces with our SEO company, and we’ll help you demonstrate your expertise in the field. To produce quality links and favourable reviews, we make use of influencer marketing, social media marketing, and link building.

Optimization of Conversion Rate

You can increase your customers’ average lifetime value and online revenue by using Pixl’s CRO services. Our SEO company integrates pay-per-click advertising with our SEO services to boost your chances of turning visitors into clients. We run A/B split tests, landing page optimization, and website analysis.

Off-page SEO

For increasing awareness online and establishing brand trust, off-page optimization is crucial. Join forces with our SEO company, and we’ll help you demonstrate your expertise in the field. To produce quality links and favourable reviews, we make use of influencer marketing, social media marketing, and link building.

Pixl’s Agile SEO Methodology

The first step to achieving success online

The environment of search engines is continuously evolving. If you want to rank well on search engines, you must invest in SEO services that are suitable for your company’s demands, requirements, and target market. If you want to maintain a strong online presence rather than just depending on out-of-date SEO techniques, you must choose a trustworthy SEO company that can ramp up your digital marketing efforts.


Pixl Player is an SEO company that puts its customers first. Our SEO specialists work directly with our clients to develop tailored SEO tactics that encourage long-term success. By using a procedure that is effective and efficient, we can deliver results that are high-quality and quantitative.


We take time to comprehend your organization’s objectives, requirements, and goals as your search engine optimization firm. During the discovery phase, we arrange a meeting with the key business stakeholders for your organisation and do a preliminary site review. Then, we analyse your conversion path, create your KPIs, and carry out in-depth keyword research.Through this, we can learn about the way your business operates and the objectives of your webpage.


The analytical step comes next and involves link risk assessment, a comprehensive site audit, a look at the site’s data, and competitive benchmarking. In this phase, we gather and examine all the information about your company to identify the variables that influence your online visibility. We look at your prior traffic patterns, site-specific technical issues, and backlink-building strategies utilised by rivals, competitor competitors, and competitor competitors. We use the analytics information to determine the most effective strategy for your SEO.


Our SEO specialists will develop a 30-day strategic internet marketing plan once we’ve determined your marketing possibilities and gaps. This includes the goals of your campaign, the outcomes you expect from each marketing channel, and the projected completion date. Our SEO business gives the most important elements of your SEO the highest priority during the first month of your campaign. This will ensure that all of our SEO efforts provide immediate, targeted results.


We begin running tests during this phase. We monitor your company listings, enhance your site’s structure, and add high-performing keywords to your blog posts and web pages. In addition, our SEO company employs a multi-channel approach to improve your holistic SEO performance. We conduct social media management campaigns and make contact with external websites to increase your online visibility.


As soon as you sign up with our SEO company, we set up a tracking system that allows us to monitor your online progress and understand the results of your SEO approach. We monitor and analyse your KPIs, keyword positions, and data. Our SEO specialists also take into account your local exposure, organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and click-through rates (CTRs). We gather meaningful data and enhance your optimization tactics by tracking your SEO activities.


Our SEO team schedules regular meetings and monthly updates with your project managers to let you know how your campaign is progressing. We provide a comprehensive report that summarises how well your site performed throughout our conference. Your KPI trends, overall traffic patterns, and ranking trends are covered here. We update our 60-day roadmap each month so you always know exactly how your campaign is progressing and what to expect.


We regularly modify our optimization tactics as part of our continuing SEO efforts following the most recent algorithm updates and market trends. Market demands are constantly changing, and search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. As a result, we actively work to guarantee that your website appears high in search results. You can rely on our SEO staff to make the required adjustments and to constantly keep you updated on the status of your campaign.

SEO Services to expect from Pixl

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Pixl provides a wide range of expert search engine optimization services to increase the visibility of your company in search results using only reliable, long-lasting, white hat SEO tactics, such as:

Custom SEO Strategy: We modify our SEO services to meet your unique needs. We use tactics that are best suited for your specific business.

  • Comprehensive on-page SEO, including internal linking, title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags.
  • Extensive market research and keyword analysis.
  • Versatile copywriting to maintain the information on your website and encourage return traffic.
  • A thorough analysis of the contest.
  • Hand-crafted link building that was carefully scrutinised on a range of domains with high domain authority.
  • PPC strategies and organic SEO tactics for long-term success, if you’re interested in pursuing them.
  • The distribution of articles on curated websites, social media, and news outlets.
  • Tools like Google Analytics and other data-tracking programmes for analysing trends, traffic, and other variables.
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